Adult Weekend Ticket

(plus booking fee)

1 x Adult Full 3 Day Event Access
General / Family Camping
Free Parking
Licenced Bar
Live Music from IOM & UK
Food Vendors & Wellness Area
Access to Toilets & Showers
Event Listing

Child Weekend Ticket

(plus booking fee)

1 x Child 3 Day Event Access
(All children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a least one parent of the child)
Arts and Crafts Activities
Family Camping
Access to Toilets & Showers
Children aged 12 and under are free. All children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a least one parent of the child.
Arts & Crafts


Festival tickets

Our policy is that we do not sell day tickets. The festival site will open at 12:00pm,  Friday afternoon July 7 2017, continue through Saturday day and evening, and wind down to a peaceful conclusion by Sunday evening. For information regarding the camping policy see our terms and conditions

Choose your option above, follow the instructions and either print off your ticket or save on to your mobile to bring along with you where the barcode will be scanned at the entrance to the event.

Dark Horse Arts and Music Festival will put every penny into the festival. By buying a ticket (and by being there) you are playing a very important part. Thank you x

Electricity hookups

Camper van, electricity hookups are available on a first come first serve basis.

They are located in the family camping area and are limited to 6 in total. The cost for a hookup is £20 for 3 days. Instead of charging for these online we will take payment at the event.

When you bring a van to the event there will be a strict policy that once on the site you will not be able to move the vehicle until the end of the event.