Natural law

Natural law

Please try to follow these few, simple guidelines...


Smoking in the UK is now banned in all public places. The only places you will not be able to smoke are inside the entertainment areas and the barn. Areas where you cannot smoke will have “no smoking” signs, so please adhere to them.


Guests may be searched on entry to Dark Horse and if you are in possession of any illegal substance you will be refused entry and may be arrested.


Camping stoves, barbecues on legs are completely fine but please refrain from creating your own campfire or using cheap disposable barbecues that ruin the field.


Stick to plastic and cans please. You’re more than welcome to bring your own alcohol onto the site but please note that it won’t be permitted into the entertainment areas.


We ask that you leave the entertainment to us. We’ll provide you with music all day so please leave any amplified systems/hi-fis etc safely at home. The quiet of the manx hills at night is a beautiful experience and one that we should all love to partake in, so please do respect that.

And finally - The legal stuff...

Terms & Conditions