Green site

Green site

Take small steps to use up less stuff

We all know that sinking feeling; on your way out of a festival after such a positive weekend, and walking past heaped piles of WASTE. Acres of discarded plastic cups, wrappers, bottles... tents, chairs, camping stoves... the inevitable signs of a good time?

It doesn't have to be this way!

It is really important to us to have a low-impact event, and for that we need your help. Ballakillingan Farm is a beautiful place, we want to look after it, and of course not leave a big clean-up job before they can welcome campers back in for their busy summer holidays season.

So the message from us (in life as well as in festivals) is simply to take small steps to USE UP LESS STUFF!

Here's how:


Bring your own refillable water bottle if possible, there is plenty of drinkable water on site. Remember to bring a cup along for hot drinks. We are hoping to organise a system at the bar which will keep wasted plastic to a minimum.


Abandoned tents and camping equipment is a festival classic, but why not keep hold of it and enjoy the great Manx outdoors ALL summer? Please take everything home and reuse it again or donate it to a charity shop for it to be reused.


Remove all excess packaging from new items being brought to the festival. It’s less to carry and leave behind.


Keep a lid on your exhaust fumes (and get some quality time with fellow passengers!) by sharing lifts to and from the site. Or cycle along. Ballakillingan Farm is well served by bus services 5 and 6. And Ramsey is well served by the Electric Railway!

Bus timetables


Think re-use rather than single use. A camping stove beats a disposable BBQ, and wet wipes don’t degrade or compost, so please don’t bring them.


Lets keep the site beautiful so we can keep coming back to enjoy this amazing festival.

Photo courtesy of LPE Photos