Festival Notice

Access to the event will only be allowed from 12:00 Friday 20th July

Fires, BQQ’s and portable gas cooking equipment

These items will not be permitted on the fields dues to the dry climate. Anyone found to have ignored this advice will be asked to leave the event.

There will be a designated area on hard standing concrete for guests to cook food if required

No Exceptions

The Invisible Circus - Dark Horse Music 2018

We are very happy to announce that the Dark Horse Festival will be blessed this year with the extremely talented Invisible Circus!

Based in the UK since 2002, the company’s ethos lies in its roots as a street performance troupe. The Invisible Circus has grown up in arts festivals, street performances, carnivals and independent creation spaces.

Drawing together a diverse range of artists, performers, actors, directors, dancers, film makers, choreographers, musicians, makers and technicians, the company thrives on dynamic creative energy and combining all of these elements to tell stories is at the core of what they do.

Invisible Circus Dark Horse Music Festival


Many thanks to the Isle of Man Arts Council for sponsoring the arts based activities at the Dark Horse Festival in 2017 & 2018