After joining forces in May 2015, these two mischief-makers started playing late into the night, armed only with a guitar, a drum kit and a passion for raw, unadulterated music, leading them into their first summer as ‘Little Thief’. They debuted their hard-hitting two-piece rock set at Glastonbury festival, then Bestival, then brought the mischief to the streets of Paris where, on a spontaneous whirlwind mini-tour, they caused trouble playing impromptu sets on the Parisian streets, where the penniless duo made enough money for some steak, some camembert, and the fuel to get back home.  At the end of the summer they scraped together enough cash to record their first E.P capturing the summer of 2015 entitled: ’Join The Mischief’.

Before the band launched, the duo started getting bookings from venues in Germany, Amsterdam and the Netherlands, and being snapped up by more UK festivals. They were recently seen disappearing into the French mountains to write material for their upcoming album, in a snowy shack in the Alps.

Armed with their first EP, Little Thief are loading the van and heading out to bars, clubs, boats, streets and festivals in the UK, Europe, or as far as their petrol will get them, bringing their passion for music and mischief to audiences worldwide.

Grinny Grandad have had a pretty interesting career, from playing Glastonbury, Radio 1 sessions, music in Grand Theft Auto games and numerous TV shows, to securing deals with Finger Lickin’ Records and Freshly Squeezed, to gaining support from the likes of Groove Armada, Craig Charles, ASkillz, and Keith Lemon (!), yet these guys still remain humble. Fusing Funk, Breaks, Swing, Ghetto-Funk and surreal references to humour with old school record-crate creativity, you end up with an infectious brand of subterranean pop that makes you feel good inside.

2017 saw the release of Grinny Grandad’s multi-chart breaking single “(You’ve Got To Be) Free” and latest single “Keep Your Hands to Yourself” featuring the Breakspoll award winning Kymberley Kennedy on vocals, soon to be joined by their long awaited album following their signing to Freshly Squeezed Music (JFB, Swingrowers, 12 Stone Toddler).

There is no denying that this is the band that people will continue to spend their pocket money, wages and, God forbid, their giro on to see. Join the party!

A collaboration between Han FX & Jor DMC, two loop artists, using no loops and a little help from their friends have produced a funky, jazzy, reggae, bluesy and hip hop sound, complimented with beatboxing, guitar and bass,

The conscientious lyrics that range from acerbic social commentary to easy flowing cheerfulness are delivered with gusto in singing and rapping. It is then splattered with a smorgasbord of guest vocalists and a wall of brass to deliver a truly unique sound.

The band played across the UK dates last summer, including One Love, The Northern Green Gathering, Dark Horse Festival and also Deep South Festival playing with an eclectic collective of musicians from different back grounds, show to show, making every event unique.